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Wheel and Axle: A Short Film

2009-05-15 23:52:57 by MonkeySteak

I made this film for a Physics project I did on, you might've guessed it, the wheel and axle.
There are two versions of the film. The one on youtube (embeded below) is the cut I showed to the class.

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This version of the film is what I consider to be a final (or as final as it can get) cut of the film. As much as I'd like to put this version on youtube, it keeps getting hammered by copyright infringement. Nothing is all that different. Just watchable credits and better sfx. So, it will be on vimeo for the time being.

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It's not that cleanly cut, I know, but it's pretty fucking impressive that it was done in under 24 hours (2 1/2 to film the rest to edit).
I know there'll be some lonely wanderer who'll stumble upon my page and watch the video.

If you happen to laugh or even chuckle, my thanks and gratitude is with you.

Fuck everybody else.

Joe (MonkeySteak)

Wheel and Axle: A Short Film


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