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Voice Actor in Need of Work

2009-03-19 00:58:43 by MonkeySteak

I'm new, okay? Let's get that outta the way.

I've never had any voice acting experience, ever, but I have had acting experience. I'd love to do my own flashes but I don't have the equipment or the software to do that, but I do have a microphone and basic recording equipment. I need to get my name out in the see of aspiring voice actors, and the best way to do that is get someone who can make a flash to throw me a bone or something.

That's all I need! A chance to prove myself. I've got this paper to write as of now, but as soon as my schedule clears up, I'll do some voice samples so that you guys can see what I'm made of.

So if you are in need of a voice actor, please, throw me some lines, and I'll throw them right back at you in the form of some .wavs or whatever format you'd like.

Thanks for reading this all the way through,
Joe (Aka. MonkeySteak)


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2009-03-19 01:01:38

how ever did you come up with 'monkeysteak'??

MonkeySteak responds:

Not sure. Came up with it when I was like 12, and it just kinda stuck.


2009-03-19 01:08:42

Mmm Monkeysteak

MonkeySteak responds:

That's the response I normally get.